The following classes are available globally.

  • CaffeineHTTPProxy hooks into the iOS URL loading system to accelerate the network requests you specify using allow: and deny:.

    The Caffeine API consists of 3 main functions: start, allow:, and deny:

    This class is packaged inside the Proxeine module, so it must be imported into your App Delegate.

    To a Swift project:

        import Proxeine

    To an Objective-C Project:

        import "Proxeine-Swift.h"

    By Default, Caffeine is added to all instances of NSURLSessionConfiguration.defaultSessionConfiguration().

    Caffeine will work alongside networking libraries such as Alamofire or AFNetworking.

    This class uses the open source CocoaAsyncSocket library’s GCDAsyncUdpSocketDelegate protocol for frictionless UDP-diagnostic logging.


    If at any time you require help, please contact our engineers at


    NSURLSessions that do not use NSURLSession.sharedSession() or the NSURLSessionConfiguration.defaultSessionConfiguration should call addCaffeine on their session configurations.

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    @objc final public class CaffeineHTTPProxy : NSObject, GCDAsyncUdpSocketDelegate