About Caffeine

We've built a game hosting company and scaled to millions of users, built the software that takes all drive-through orders for the Sonic-restaurant chain, programmed microprocessors, and consulted for companies ranging from startups to Fortune-100s. We have worked with AMD, Morgan Stanley, Apple, Mozilla, Walmart, Microsoft, and Intel. We love building products that solve problems.

It is after more than a year of meticulous engineering and testing that we feel comfortable inviting organizations to work with us. We take great pride in our technology, and it’s essential to us that it pushes your applications forward. Caffeine is our craft, our art, our lives. We’re not web developers, graphic designers, or wordsmiths; we’re mobile developers, and that’s pretty much it. We do one thing, and we do it well: we build tools that allow you to create experiences on the iPhone that others write off as impossible.

Our technology is the fastest secure networking software for iOS applications in the world. We believe that we can at least double your iOS application’s network performance. It’s an exciting time for us, and we are very fortunate to be able to collaborate with great customers to make their exceptional apps even better. We jump at the opportunity to work with organizations that share our values of both end user experience and quality software development.

Caffeine was born from co-founder Drew Crawford's famous blog post Why mobile web apps are slow which was picked up by the following outlets:

We have great technology, but our story means nothing unless it becomes a part of yours.