Caffeine makes your iOS app blistering fast: search, image uploading & delivery

Blistering Speed

Caffeine makes your app fast. 50-300% faster than it is without Caffeine. Accelerate logging-in, user-registration, search, image delivery, launch time, or any API request to your backend.
Caffeine is easy to integrate. Drag and drop, add 2 lines of code and done!

Hassle Free

Caffeine works out of the box and integration takes 15 minutes. Drag & drop, add 2 lines of code, and done! Get back to building features, stop worrying about low level performance optimizations.
Caffeine improves iOS network security by adding perfect forward secrecy

Increased App Security

Caffeine protects your data using NaCl, the peer-reviewed cryptographic library written for next-generation applications used by the EU. Each request is protected with 256-bit elliptical curve cryptography with Perfect Forward Secrecy.

Trusted by these great companies

The Blurr app logo, a Caffeine customer
The Palantir logo, a Caffeine customer

The hardest thing about building an app is being instantly compared to, and measured against, billion dollar companies like Facebook by your users. Caffeine has been absolutely critical for us. Anything short of near instantaneous load time is time for your users to stop and think about using another product.

I wish we had learned about Caffeine sooner, as you only have one chance to make a great impression. Caffeine has made a world of difference.

Sam Davidson, CEO and Founder of Cheers Sam Davison's Face, the CEO of Cheers, a Caffeine customer